About Profit Sense

Profit Sense is an outbound telephone account management provider assisting companies with prospective calling, customer contact calling and targeted campaigns.

Profit Sense was founded to support companies to reach their goal and achieve results through lead generation and customer relationship development.

At Profit Sense, we believe customer relationships are built on the foundation of loyalty and integrity and grow from consistent and meaningful contact.

Profit Sense will help you grow your business. We provide customer relationship management, lead generation and appointment setting and assist companies across a variety of industries.

Our New Zealand based telephone Account Managers are experienced, professional and work as part of your team. They excel at getting the most out of every call and they skilled at finding and qualifying leads to pass to your team to follow up.

The Profit Sense Team are passionate about what we do and look forward to helping your business go from strength to strength.

Our Management Team

Sandra Willis

Managing Director

Sandra has owned several successful businesses and has utilised the Profit Sense methodology to achieve growth. She founded Profit Sense and built an experienced team to enable New Zealand companies to reach their goals and achieve results.

Sandra has a strong management, financial, systems and sales focus, delivering accountability, measurement, reporting and integrity in her business relationships. She knows first-hand the value of a robust sales process that delivers exceptional and consistent customer service, nurtures high-quality leads and ultimately drives sales.

Sandra is passionate about promoting family values and work-life balance and has developed an effective remote working model for her team.

Amanda Campbell

Business Development Manager

Amanda comes from a sales consulting, account management, human resources and call centre background. Her experience and knowledge across a variety of industries enables Profit Sense to provide our clients with a professional service and tactical solution to increase lead generation and sales. Amanda adds a dimension to our development process and ongoing customer relationship strategies ensuring long term success.


Profit Sense have a team of carefully selected, mature and highly skilled professionals from a range of backgrounds.
Our Telephone Account Managers excel in lead generation and relationship building and work seamlessly with your Sales or Service Teams to grow your business. Consideration is taken on each placement to ensure that a Telephone Account Manager with the relevant knowledge and experience in your industry is partnered with you.