About Profit Sense

Profit Sense is a Telephone Account Management Company that is experienced in providing targeted telephone account management and lead generation for a variety of industries.

Louise Garlick and Sandra Wills established Profit Sense in 2009 when they saw a need for a high-quality Telephone Account Management Outsource Company in New Zealand. Following on from the success in the New Zealand business market, Profit Sense extended their services into the American market in late 2018.

Profit Sense have a carefully selected team of professionals from a range of backgrounds and expertise, which combined with our extensive training program allows Profit Sense Telephone Account Managers to exceed our client’s expectations.

Profit Sense enables businesses to increase their revenue by maximising the effectiveness of their communication with existing and /or prospective customers.

Profit Sense’s philosophy is that all relationships grow from consistent contact and are built on the foundation of loyalty and integrity.

Our Management Team

Sandra Willis

Managing Director

Sandra brings to Profit Sense the experience and knowledge of running businesses with a strong management, financial and system focus. Sandra delivers accountability, measurement, reporting and integrity in her business relationships.

Louise Garlick

Sales Director

Louise delivers strong database management, passion and commitment to the process of relationship building along with a comprehensive sales background. Louise is a proactive networker and strategic thinker, who knows that Profit Sense, through a disciplined process and competitive approach, will make a difference to your business and clients.

Amanda Campbell

Operations & Account Manager

Amanda comes from a sales consulting, account management, human resources and call centre background. Her experience and knowledge across a variety of industries enables Profit Sense to provide our clients with a professional service and tactical solution to increase lead generation. Amanda adds a dimension to our development process and ongoing customer relationship strategies ensuring long term success.

Our Telephone Account Managers

Profit Sense have a team of mature and highly skilled professionals from a range of backgrounds.
Our Telephone Account Managers excel in lead generation and relationship building and work seamlessly with your Sales or Service Teams to grow your business. Consideration is taken on each placement to ensure that a Telephone Account Manager with the relevant knowledge and experience in your industry is partnered with you.