Vehicle Dealership Services

New Business Development

The New Business Development Programme concentrates on client sales and growth with existing fleet customers and / or prospective business customers. Profit Sense actively generate leads and appointments for your Sales Team while strengthening customer relationships and building brand awareness. New Business Development Calling creates a prospective marketing database to allow for future targeted marketing campaigns.

Service Reminder Calling

The Profit Sense Service Programme increases service bookings by connecting with your service customers, offering a quick easy stress-free booking service. Service Reminder Calling assists you in keeping in step with customer’s needs and allows you to identify why a customer chooses to service elsewhere and provides the opportunity to win the customer back through customised conversations about available deals. Service Reminds Calling enables you to maintain your customers database by consistently up datin contact details assisting future targeted marketing campaigns.

Customer Retention

The Customer Retention Programme concentrates on the growth and development of your customer relationship through to the next vehicle purchase, understanding that repeat business is more cost effective. Through customised conversations and consistent contact your brand stays front of mind, your customers feel valued and any requirements are identified. Customer records stay up to date through regular contact assisting in future targeted marketing campaigns.

After Service Calling

Service Follow Up Calls provide quality control, enabling you to keep in step with your customers to ensure customer satisfaction. Timely calls allow you to address possible issues immediately and extend your level of customer service. All vehicle owners within the warranty period are made aware of the Manufacturers Survey and the importance of completing it.

Campaign Calling

Lead Generation –  Profit Sense undertake targeted campaigns on your behalf focusing on lead generation and brand awareness to provide your Sales Team with well-qualified leads to convert into sales.

Sales Promotion – Profit Sense contact a targeted customer base to promote new products, advise of promotions and follow up on Direct Marketing Campaigns. A direct marketing campaign supported by a well thought out telephone campaign will far exceed results achieved by email alone.

In consultation with you, campaigns are customised to your requirements. The campaigns we run vary in size and duration. Our quick easy reporting allows you to retain control of the campaign by closely monitoring the results.